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Customized T-shirts with DTF

Tote bags


T-shirts, hoodies, cushions and much more, personalized with the highest quality prints at an affordable price

Send us the design you want to print, the measurements and get it in less than a week.

In Terragama we know that time is the most valuable asset, that’s why we make tailor-made quotations in the shortest time possible..

We send you a picture before printing the product for your approval.

Our customers

"My first order was a wonderful experience, I received my t-shirts in beautiful boxes, they were efficient and the customer service was fantastic, I will buy again.

Paula Nuñez
Paula García

" It's amazing how attentive and friendly they are,, I loved the presentation. A young company with a promising future, I'm glad to be a customer.

Pablo Nuñez
Pablo Rodríguez

"I ordered some gifts for my coworkers and the quality was 10/10, helpful, quick and very receptive, I wasn't clear on how I wanted the design and they offered me several options, I will definitely buy again."

Andrea Pérez

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